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Bob Heidkamp

Team Leader - Co-Founder - Bob has been leading service technicians successfully for over 40 years, and Bob has earned the trust and respect of industry leaders. Many technicians credit Bob's training and influence as the keys to their success. His experience and expertise have proved invaluable to our customers.

Greg Haan

Customer Care Specialist - Greg has over 30 years of experience teaching technicians what it means to be professional, courteous, and kind. Greg is an expert technician in the troubleshooting and repair of more than 90 different brands of equipment. Customers know they can count on Greg to exceed their equipment service expectations.

Jeff Hayer

NorCal Service Manager -a result-driven leader with a comprehensive background in fleet maintenance, and operations management. He is adept at overseeing extensive high-valued equipment, developing strategic programs, and performing preventative maintenance tasks. He also has a military background during which he earned multiple prestigious awards for exemplary performance.

Jessica Morales

Inventory and Logistics Manager - Jessica has more than 20 years of experience meeting the needs of customers in an efficient way.  Jessica is an energetic, results-driven, customer-focused professional and she directs her team to respond quickly to your needs. 

Mario Ramirez

IT Manager - Mario has 10 years of experience implementing new technology throughout our company. Mario's mandate is to find new technologies that make us more efficient for our customers. Tackling complex technical issues is his hallmark. 

Nick Heidkamp

Regional Manager TX, OK, AR, LA - Nick has over 15 years of experience in the food industry. He has worked as a technician and an administrator at a high level. He is also a formally trained chef. 

Pristael Martinez

Project Manager -  Her areas of expertise include team building, project management, organizational development, training, leadership, management coaching, employee relations, and policy development.  Pristael is passionate about attracting, retaining and motivating key talent while supporting UST's strategic and company objectives. 

Rodger Smelcer

Executive Partner - With over 35 years of experience servicing commercial and industrial food equipment. Rodger is responsible for working with our team and our customers to provide proactive solutions to reduce customer downtime and increase efficiency.

Ronnie Moreno

Customer Care Specialist - Ronnie has over 4 years of administration and management experience. Ronnie is also an accomplished musician. His creativity is a valuable asset in the service industry.  

Susan Tran

Controller - Susan Tran graduated from Cal State University of Long Beach with an International Business degree. She has 16 years of experience as a Project Controls Manager, Cost Engineer, and Business Analyst for architectural, engineering, and construction projects. 

Vince Vidales

SoCal Service Manager - Vince has over 20 years of experience. An expert troubleshooter, trainer, and team leader, he has extensive experience leading and training our service team. Before joining UST, Vince had experience as a customer of UST, which gives him unique insight into our business from the customer’s side. 

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